Venice, Italy Sat 23rd Aug

One of my greatest enjoyments is exploring the back streets of Venice on my own and my enthusiasm was not dampened by the inclement weather. Fortunately, there was a Hawthorn match being played at the time so Tony was happily positioned in a coffee shop glued to his phone while I wandered.The bonus of the persistent rain was it kept many of the tourists away.

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Ravenna, Italy

Our day in Ravenna was relaxed while we explored the town of narrow, cobble streets where only bikes and pedestrians are allowed. I had grand ideas of spending time in the lovely boutiques. The Italian fashions are lovely and the Italian ladies wear them with so much elegance and class. I was inspired to shop but decided to do this after meeting Tony’s urgent need to eat. I forgot about ‘siesta’ where all shops close for 3 hours. So frustrating but at least the bank account wasn’t dented. In place of shopping I visited a couple of the Bassilicas with their mosaics that Ravenna is renowned for. Back on board ship we enjoyed the nightly entertainment followed by holding up the bar until the early hours. .Lots of fun.

Hvar, Crotia

Tony was very grumpy prior to leaving for a sea kayaking, swimming and snorkeling tour around the islands. An 8.00am departure does not fit into Tony’s idea of holiday relaxation. However he admitted to enjoying the tour and is now happily back on the ship digging into lunch. I remained in Hvar to visit the fortress and explore the streets of the old town. So lovely and far less populated with tourists than Dubrovnik was yesterday.

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Our first cloudy day but a comfortable 28 degrees. We visited a beautiful seaside village, Cavtat about 20 minutes drive from Dubrovnik. Tony found a boat berthed in the harbour to replace our existing boat at Blairgowrie and it even comes with a full crew – not sure who will finance it though! He was also quite taken with our tour guide – the photos tell the story. We had lunch in Dubrovik which was the worst meal we have had in a long while. We also walked the wall around Dubrovik which wore us out as there are 900 steps. Now looking forward to a few drinks on deck prior to dinner.

Parga, Greece

Today we enjoyed a visit to an archeological site at Kassope followed by a visit to a beautiful holiday seaside resort, Parga. The beaches were pretty but were crowded and very stony. The weather was perfect again. Each day has been about 30 degrees and we are yet to see a cloud. The day was completed with lounging beside the ships pool enjoying a strawberry cocktail. Each evening we seem to end up in the main bar which has been quite lively and the band very good. Roulette has held a small appeal but we are yet to have any success on the tables.

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An evening in Athens enjoying dinner in the Plaka flowed by drinks in our roof top bar overlooking the Acropolis. Tony befriended the restaurant owner who knew how to look after Tony by keeping the beers up to him.The following morning we went for a walk to the Acropolis through the Plaka. Pity about the graffiti everywhere.



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