Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the most beautiful city with gorgeous coffee houses, the city parks, the magnificent buildings , an abundance of sophisticated side walk restaurants and the lovely ambiance. We were fortunate to have perfect weather and enjoyed all aspects of our stay. The Sacher Hotel took pity on us being luggage free and we were upgraded to a beautiful suite. I had the best excuse to go shopping and walked the shops but without a lot of success as Vienna shops are stocked in preparation for winter. Tony actually did more shopping and dented the credit card to a larger extent. On Friday Tony enjoyed a dream day, watching the Hawthorn match on his app and Formula 1 practice on TV. The day was followed by dinner at another lovely restaurant and many beers and whiskys in the bar of the Sacher Hotel. Yesterday was a special day attending the 90th birthday for Marinas grandmother at a lovely venue in the Vienna Woods. We were made to feel very welcome by everyone and it was lovely to see Marina recently engaged to a charming man.

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