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Bangkok, Thailand

Our first trip to Bangkok and we won’t be too upset if it’s our last! However putting aside the filth and the original run-down nature of parts of the city we enjoyed discovering the local culture and the facilities at out hotel were excellent. We stayed at The Peninsula  on the river and were fortunate to have a very large suite, great view and we thoroughly enjoyed the pool area where we spent a few hours in the water and at the bar. I visited the Siam shopping mall via the extremely crowded skyrail while Tony had a massage. We both went to the MKR, a large mall of local products where Tony ‘negotiated’ on a replacement suitcase. The night market was a surprise in that it was very modern and clean however the trip there in a very overcrowded local ferry did not help improve Tony’s stress levels. He was sure we were going to roll over. We went to 2 superb restaurants, one being the Blue Elephant and the other being Sirocco. The Sirocco restaurant is on the 64th floor of the Lebua Hotel , it is outdoor with a magnificent setting and view. A warm balmy night and great jazz band made for a unique experience. The highlight of the Bangkok visit was a cruise on a long boat along the river and canals. Seeing how many locals live in dilapidated shacks on stilts over the putrid canals is an eye opener.

On to Singapore. As always, we stayed at The Fullerton Hotel, enjoying the facilities of the club area, the pool and the outdoor dining. It was a very enjoyable boozy final evening to cap off a marvelous 5 week holiday.

We fly to Melbourne tonight where we hope our luggage will be waiting for us. It’s time for a change of underwear!


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Rome, Italy

3 nights and days in Rome was certainly not enough. Although we have been to Rome in the past we stayed in a different location and discovered a superb area of cobbled streets, outdoor restaurants and gorgeous shops close to Piazza Del Popolo. We took a walking tour of ‘The Hidden Rome’ with our guide, Dino, discovered the gorgeous local area of Trastevere, rode segways around the parklands of Villa Borghese, drank far too many cocktails at the roof top bar of our hotel and even caught up with Alan and Geraldine for dinner.  A lovely stay in a magnificent city.

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Vienna, Austria

Vienna is the most beautiful city with gorgeous coffee houses, the city parks, the magnificent buildings , an abundance of sophisticated side walk restaurants and the lovely ambiance. We were fortunate to have perfect weather and enjoyed all aspects of our stay. The Sacher Hotel took pity on us being luggage free and we were upgraded to a beautiful suite. I had the best excuse to go shopping and walked the shops but without a lot of success as Vienna shops are stocked in preparation for winter. Tony actually did more shopping and dented the credit card to a larger extent. On Friday Tony enjoyed a dream day, watching the Hawthorn match on his app and Formula 1 practice on TV. The day was followed by dinner at another lovely restaurant and many beers and whiskys in the bar of the Sacher Hotel. Yesterday was a special day attending the 90th birthday for Marinas grandmother at a lovely venue in the Vienna Woods. We were made to feel very welcome by everyone and it was lovely to see Marina recently engaged to a charming man.

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Prague, Czech Republic

4 days in Prague proved to be quite stressful in some ways, especially for Tony. We flew into Prague from Athens via Rome to find our luggage was missing. Alitalia has lived up to its reputation and we certainly wont be flying with them again. Tony was in panic largely due to his missing medication however that was resolved a couple of days later following a trip to the doctor for more scripts. The weather was shocking with a top of 15 each day and the rain never let up. Despite all of this, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of Prague. Our last trip to Prague was in a combi van 40 years ago when the country was under Communist rule, it was dark, dirty and depressing. Such a change now as Prague is spotlessly clean, with beautiful architecture, friendly and sophisticated people who all speak fluent English. We did the usual guided Segway Tour of the city. I only fell off once but found myself splattered across the road with the segway under a parked car. It pays to watch where you are going when driving these machines. We also took a private tour to Terezin, a ghetto from WW11. This was very confronting and we certainly weren’t going to complain about  missing luggage after seeing how people were forced to live and die not all  that long ago.  A guided WW11 walking tour of Prague was also extremely interesting.  We stayed at the Alchmyist Grand Hotel and Spa, very close to the Prague Castle and I can thoroughly recommend it. The historic architecture and elaborate furnishings were stunning.  We caught a train from Prague to Vienna but Tony was shattered after arriving at the station to be told all first class tickets were sold. It was a new experience to travel second class on an international train for 5 hours!


courtyard of hotel Doctors for scripts - Copy (2) entrance to Hotel Alchymist bathroom for 100Home for 100 prisoners In courtyard of our hotel Inside Hotel Inside our Hotel - Alchymist Grand Locks on bridge - Copy Morgue - Copy Old Town Square - Copy our suite - Copy Prague Castle - Copy Prison hospital - Copy Protestor at Prague Castle - Copy Segway Tour - Copy Street to Castle - Copy Tour of Terezin Ghetto and Jail - Copy Under Town Hall - Copy View from Castle - Copy View to CHarles Bridge - Copy DSC05532 (600x800) DSC05536 (800x600) DSC05537 (800x600) DSC05543 (800x600) DSC05544 (600x800) DSC05551 (800x600) DSC05558 (800x600) DSC05565 (800x600) DSC05567 (600x800) DSC05569 (800x600) DSC05573 (800x600) DSC05577 (800x600) DSC05580 (800x600) DSC05584 (800x600) DSC05586 (800x600) DSC05599 (800x451) DSC05605 (600x800) DSC05606 (600x800) DSC05607 (800x600) DSC05608 (600x800) DSC05613 (800x600) (2) DSC05626 (800x600) DSC05629 (800x600) DSC05632 (800x600) DSC05642 (800x600) DSC05643 (800x600) DSC05646 (800x600) DSC05649 (800x600) DSC05655 (800x600) DSC05659 (800x600) (800x600) DSC05668 (800x600) DSC05672 (600x800) DSC05675 (800x600) DSC05679 (800x600) DSC05680 (800x600) DSC05695 (800x600) DSC05699 (800x600) DSC05705 (600x800) (600x800) DSC05709 (600x800) DSC05713 (800x600) DSC05717 (800x600) DSC05719 (800x600) DSC05720 (600x800) DSC05725 (800x600) DSC05728 (800x600) DSC05734 (600x800) DSC05742 (600x800) DSC05744 (600x800) entrance to Hotel Alchymist Home for 100 prisoners In courtyard of our hotel Inside Hotel Inside our Hotel - Alchymist Grand inside wine bar Jewish Cemetary Jiri - our guide Leaving with our hand luggage Locks on bridge Morgue Old Town Square our suite Prague Castle Prison hospital Protestor at Prague Castle Segway Tour Street to Castle Tour of Terezin Ghetto and Jail Under Town Hall View from Castle View to CHarles Bridge Wine Bar WW11 TourDSC05512 (800x600)photo 1 (480x640)