Rethymnon, Crete, Greece

The final day of our 14 day cruise and it ended the way it began, with good weather and good times. We contracted a taxi driver to take us on a guided tour for a short time. We visited a traditional Greek village in the mountains. I enjoyed wandering the narrow cobble streets watching the locals go about their daily activities while Tony kept the driver company in the car. We also visited a beautiful small monastery run by nuns only. The gardens were superb. When back in town I walked to the Fortress while Tony had a massage. Tony is totally over fortresses. We met for lunch at a lovely restaurant.  (Trip Advisor is proving very useful in our travels for locating some great hotels, restaurants, tour, etc.) Once again, Hawthorn was playing so locating a good restaurant with WIFI was critical to the success of the day. Fortunately  Hawthorn defeated Collingwood comfortably so Tony had a good day.

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