Sibenik, Croatia

Another beautiful yet fairly unspoilt Croatian destination. I have been dragging Tony around the many steep, narrow pathways in the historical centers in all of our ports of call. We found a magnificent new outdoor theatre at the very top of the old fortress and also roamed the gardens of the old monastery complete with every herb imaginable. Our lunch was at a recommended restaurant in the courtyard of the four wells. One of our best local dining experiences to date.DSC04877 (800x600)

DSC04880 (800x600)

DSC04881 (800x600)

DSC04896 (800x600)
DSC04805 (600x800)

DSC04810 (800x600)

DSC04826 (600x800)

DSC04843 (800x600)

DSC04863 (600x800)

DSC04864 (800x600)

DSC04873 (600x800)

DSC04877 (800x600)


1 thought on “Sibenik, Croatia

  1. Fantastic scenery, wen! What a ball you’re having. I’ve decided to dedicate my free time in planning a bucket list for you and Tone!

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