Gythion, Greece

35 degrees and sunny left us with the logical decision of spending time on the beach. We were excited to be told it was a sandy beach as we haven’t seen a sandy beach since being in Europe. Needless to say, the European version of sand is very different to our version. It was certainly not the typical large rocks we have experienced but was shale, not a dollop of sand in sight. Nothing compares to the Aussie beaches. I felt very out of place in my one piece bathers as everyone wears bikinis regardless of age and size. I later took Tony on another climb to reach the back of the town and take in the lovely view. Tony felt the climb gave justification to avoiding his daily gym visit.
DSC05358 (800x600)

DSC05363 (600x800)

DSC05371 (800x600)

DSC05373 (800x600)

DSC05376 (600x800)

DSC05379 (600x800) (2)

DSC05385 (600x800)

DSC05387 (600x800)

DSC05408 (600x800)

DSC05413 (600x800)

DSC05419 (800x600)

DSC05422 (800x600)

DSC05423 (800x600)






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